24-02-2011 | RUSTY ROOTS
GC ESSEGEM Leopold I-straat 329 1090 Brussels
Concert: 20:00
Open doors: 19:30
Entrance: 10 €
Presale: 8 €
via or ticket FNAC 0900 00 600 (€ 0.45/min)
At the end of 2004 five young blues musicians found each other trough different ways. At the first rehearsal they all noticed that there was something special in the air. And they were not alone, Rusty Roots ...a beginning band, got the honour to kick of the famous 2005 BRBF edition, to the great astonishment of friend and enemy, to bear in mind that the band was only six months young ... well, it will be a friends service. But nothing was further from the truth, after more than a excellent performance, the boys were catapulted to the top of the Belgian blues scene.

The growth made by Rusty Roots, resulted in the crystallization of their first disc CD “100 Miles” in 2005. Inexperienced as a studio musician they still managed to record a nice swing, West Coast Blues CD, produced by none other than Marc Thijs.

In 2008 they returned to the Artsound Studio to record their second full album Electrified. The album was wildly received by the press and reached the playlists of several radio stations, even in California.

Meanwhile, their third full album is canned under the all-seeing eye of Marc “TEE” Thijs once again. The album contains 10 pearls of own making, and according to Rusty Roots their humble opinion its the best they have achieved so far. According to Walter “DR. Boogie” De Paduwa Rusty Roots has only just been born! Blues, roots, soul, rock, reggae, ... you can expect it all on the new record!

As you can read Rusty Roots is a hardworking group who continues to look for new challenges both in the studio as on stage without losing that passionate enthusiasm. Every show is a unique experience where the musicians drive each other to the limit to keep you entertained.

An amazing guitar player, a solid harmonica player, a firm rhythm section and a brilliant front man Will make you kick your feet all over the dance floor. So that’s it, keep your ears and eyes open for some authentic roots blues and soul and come check out Rusty Roots.
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